Bra Size Chart

Bra Size Chart

How To Find Your Breast Size 

Majority of the people will agree with the fact that women love to shop. Even most women accept that they like to go on a shopping spree now and then. Ask a woman any day if they want to go shopping, and they will be happy to leave everything for it. Surprisingly, there is one shopping task that is a bit daunting for many women. It is going to buy a new bra. Buying a new bra is not a simple task as it seems. There is just so much stress involved. It is a known fact that the size of bra changes throughout life. The main reasons are pregnancy, weight loss or gain, puberty, menopause, ageing and other factors. The need to buy a new bra arises and the nightmare begins for the woman. The reason behind searching a perfect bra size is that it gives a flawless look to the woman’s body, provides proper support and gives the maximum amount of comfort. Now the question arises how to measure the size of the bra. Well, below we have discussed the universally accepted method of measuring the bra size. For accurate size and measurement just follow the step and bra size chart so that you get perfect details.

How to Measure Your Breast Size:

Measuring a bra size is not a simple task. Taking a measuring tape and keeping it around the breast, it is not this much simple. It is a detailed process involving measuring three things. These three things are band size, bust size, and cup size.

Band Size: The band size is measured by measuring the underbust area of the breast. To get the most accurate measurement, breathe normally and take the proper measurement around the underbust. Whatever number comes, you have to round it off to the nearest even number. Either you can round it off to a lower even number or a higher even number.

Bust Size: It is the second step in knowing the size of your bra. After measuring your underbust area, it is time to measure the circumference of the breast. The measurement should be done on the fullest part of the breast to get the most accurate information. The measuring tape should be at the same height in front and at the back. Note down the measurement in inches or centimeters.

Cup Size: Getting the measurement for the Cup Size is a tricky one as it varies from brand to brand and country to country. The best and most popular method of getting the cup size measurement is by subtracting the band size from the bust size. Whatever difference comes, look it up in the size chart and see the corresponding alphabetical equivalent of that difference. It should be noted that both the measurements, i.e. band size and bust size, should be either in inches or in centimetres. 

Bra Size Chart:

The size chart for the bra varies from one brand to another. Thus the concept of sister size is also prevalent in which a woman buys the next closest size of bra to the measurement arrived. It is not uncommon that the size chart of brand A might differ from brand B. The differences are related to slight variations in band size or cup size.

Breast Size Chart

Features of the Right Sized Bra:

Finding the right size of bra is a complicated and time-consuming task, but equally satisfying once you find it. The right bra size has several features such as it fits properly, and the cup covers all sides of the breast. The bra strap doesn’t dig in and remains put on the shoulders. The underwire sits properly under your breast.

The quest to find the right size of bra is not an easy task as it seems but with the proper techniques and methods, one can find it efficiently, without any major problem or setback.



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