Factors That Can Actually Impact Your Breast Size

There are many factors affecting breast that will affect the way a woman look. This is nothing that is news to some people, but others tend to ignore the fact that their breasts are changing without even knowing it. There is a common myth that says only pregnancy is going to make the breasts change to anything but what they are. Well, that is just not true and many people need to learn that there are things happening right now that will forever change the way the breasts appear to you and to the outside world. This kind of thing really comes into play when you are discussing things about the breasts as it relates to the woman that already has the problems. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the defining factors that work on the breasts and how they will eventually make changes to the look and feel of the breasts that you have.

Things That Can Change Your Breast Size

Factors affecting breast


1st AGE

Age is always a factor in everything that you do. Bodies go through changes all through our lives and when it comes to women, those changes can affect the breasts. The women’s breast starts growing at a young age of 10 years and keeps growing until the age of 20 years in most of the cases. It should be noted that this growth is natural and even post 20 years, the women’s breast size keeps changing depending upon various circumstances. When you are young, the muscles behind the breasts are still very strong and firm. However, as you get older, those same muscles begin to get weaker. This can be due to age, lack of use, or just the fact that your breasts are heavy. Even the gravity works against you and as you grow older gravity keeps pulling down your breast more and more. Either way, the age that you are is going to start having an effect on the body if you are not watching what you are doing, including your diet.

2nd Pregnancy

It is no secret that pregnancy has a lot of effect on the female body. She will go through hundreds of changes because of the bouncing hormones that really throw things off inside and out. This is the time when the breasts will swell and become much larger. That is due to the fact that the female is now producing milk and it is being stored for the child when it is born. The problem is that the breasts may not go back to the way they were once the pregnancy is over. That is where a lot of women are wrong. They believe that once the child is born, there will be nothing stopping their breasts from shrinking back to the natural form. Well, that just does not happen. The breasts have already been stretched out and when that happens, the woman has larger breasts that may sag. To avoid this situation, experts advise that one should monitor and control the weight gain at the time of pregnancy. Because of excessive weight gain happens then it can have drastic consequences at the time of delivery and post-delivery. Multiple pregnancies have their own heavy toll on the physical structure of the body and it also affects the breasts. That’s the reason why the medical world started to recommend that the gap between pregnancies should be at least 3 years, so that a woman’s body recovers from the first pregnancy, gives time to the body to strengthen itself and take the toll of the next pregnancy in future. 

3rd Poor Diet

A poor diet can take its toll on the breasts. That is something that a lot of women do not think about, but it is true. Certain types of breast cancer have actually been linked to the diet of the women as well as the loss of muscle tone behind the breasts on the chest wall. This is the reason why you should always have the proper diet for the most part. There is nothing wrong with going out and having something a little bit junk for you once in a while but not all the time. One should regularly consume nutrition-rich food. The consumption of minerals, proteins, fat, vitamins should be in proper proportion. Fluids should also be consumed on a regular basis. Maintaining diet charts is a good method to monitor and regulate your food consumption for your breast health

4th Workout Routine

A workout routine is one of the best methods to maintain the size of your breast. If you started lifting recently and noticed your boobs seem a little perkier, that may be related. Doing pectoral exercises can strengthen your pecs, which are four major muscles that sit behind your breast tissue and facilitate deep breathing and arm movement. If your pecs bulk up a little, this can cause your boobs to push out a tiny bit more than usual. Keep in mind that these exercises won’t actually increase your breast size-but they might grow the muscle behind the breast, which could make them appear a little bigger. Many women take exercise routines for granted and they don’t have any proper routine for exercising. This can cause unequal growth of the breast or no growth at all. Those women who are pregnant should especially do breast exercise to control the weight gain by the body. Improper exercising techniques also affect the breast in many ways. Many women do not maintain proper posture while exercising, which can impact the growth of the breast. This improper technique also leads to pain around the breast area. 

5th Genetics

Just like the genes dictate the skin color, hair, height of a person, it also impacts the size of the breast. This may not be true in each and every case, but a majority of the time, it plays an important role. It is said women are often born with the size of their breasts, but that does not mean that the breast size won’t change in their lifetime. Surely there are other factors affecting breasts too that play a pivotal role in affecting breast size. If a woman has someone in her family with a cup-size of A it does not mean her cup-size will be A too. The thing is that her chances of having cup-size A are far more superior than another woman’s chance of having it with a family history of cup-size B.

6th Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual Cycle has its own kind of impact on the size and appearance of breasts. During the first half of the cycle, the body produces estrogen, a hormone that brings about ovulation and stimulates the milk ducts in the breasts. But as you get closer to your period, progesterone stimulates the formation of milk glands, which is said to cause swelling and even a little soreness. This might prompt you to wonder why your boobs have suddenly gotten bigger. While you’re on your period, your breasts might also feel a bit lumpier than usual, but this isn’t a cause for concern—your glands are simply enlarging to prepare for a possible pregnancy. Ultimately, your breasts will return to their normal size and texture.

Conclusion With Factors Affecting Breast Health & Size 

As we can see that there are many Factors affecting Breast  in different manners and in different time periods. There can be a single factor that could be responsible for affecting your breasts or multiple factors. It is advisable to consult an expert if a woman feels any changes to her breast and one should not presume anything until some conclusive evidence appears.

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