Why do Women or Girls feel Pain Under the Left Breast?

The structure of the human body is quite fascinating. On the other hand, it is also quite complex to understand the human body. There are so many internal connections among human organs, nerves, and bones that it is hard to study each and every one of them. With so many organs in the body, the task of maintaining the health of each and every one of them is quite a tedious task, but an important one. A healthy body is a key to a healthy lifestyle. The more you tend towards healthy lifestyle choices, the longer and happier you are going to live. For centuries, humans have known the importance of a healthy life, but only a few of them implement it in their lives. It is scientifically proven that those people who don’t take care of their health, remain in stress for most of the time, Increase in health issues, and the chances of having chronic and life-threatening diseases increases severely. Even healthy people get ill, but the way the immune system of a healthy and an unhealthy person fights with such conditions is what makes the real difference. The immune system of a healthy person is far more capable of reducing the long term impacts of such diseases as compared to the immune system of an unhealthy system. 

Pain under left Breast

An average human life faces several illnesses, sickness, accidents, a couple of times, operations, and prolonged periods of pain. Almost every organ and part of the body suffers through pain at certain periods of time. The degree of pain of each organ is quite different, and so as the symptoms, causes, and solutions. The organs in our body are distributed on the left and right sides. The left side of the body is home to many vital organs, such as the human heart, stomach, pancreas, spleen. Apart from these, the left lung, kidney, and left breast are also located on the left side but slightly higher than their right counterparts. Today, we will discuss one such kind of pain which happens under the left breast, and in the future or in another blog we will discuss pain under the right breast in women.

The breast is one of the most vital organs in the human body, especially for women. For women, the breast is the most or one of the most essential parts of the body because of its location, uses, and impact. A woman’s breast’s primary purpose is to store milk in the milk glands for the infant to be born. But apart from this, breasts also make a woman’s personality look more appealing. But breasts are also complex in nature. It should be noted that both men and women have breast areas; the only difference is the growth of breast tissues in men stops developing after a certain period of time while women’s breast tissues keep growing. For this article, we will mainly focus on women’s breasts. 

According to a study, a woman’s left breast is relatively larger than the right one. Only 20% of women have symmetrical breasts. There are a number of causes behind the pain in one of the breasts. Pain under your left breast or rib cage can be terrifying, especially if you’re worried you might be having a heart attack or other medical emergency. However, most chest pain cases under the left breast and rib cage area are caused by benign or easily treatable conditions. Here, we will discuss the various causes behind the pain under the left breast, in which some are normal while some are serious ones. 

Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments for Pain under left breast

  • Periods: The hormonal cycle in a woman’s body leads to severe changes in mood is a known fact. The menstruation cycle is a significant cause behind the pain under the left breast. This kind of pain is perfectly normal. Sore breast, swelling, heaviness, burning sensation are some of the major symptoms of breast pain. As this kind of pain is mostly cyclical, and there is nothing serious about it. This kind of pain doesn’t last more than a week or so, and after a woman reaches menopause, they rarely occur. 
  • Surgery in the past: If a woman has gone through a surgery in the past for the left breast, this could be too a reason behind the breast’s pain. What actually happens is that the breast implants a woman gets don’t last for a lifetime. So after a certain period of time passes, those implants ruptures, causing a leak from the implant. Not only this rupturing cause pain, but it is also very infectious and could be very risky. There are various symptoms through which it can be known that there is a leak from the implant. Major symptoms are severe pain around the implant area, swelling, burning sensation, heaviness around the breast area, tightness. This kind of pain could be treated by the removal of such an implant or replacing it with a new one. 
  • Heart Attack: Though the chances of a woman suffering a heart attack are half of the chances of a man suffering through a heart attack. But despite this, in recent days, the number of women suffering a heart attack has increased significantly. The human breast is located on the left side of the brain, and hence whenever there’s a pain around the left breast, many women consider it as a cause of heart attack. Tightness around the breast area, the creation of pressure, tightness are the most common symptoms. Other symptoms include shortness in breathing, fatigue, vomiting, discomfort in the armpit, arms, and shoulders. Heart Attack is one of the leading causes behind deaths due to diseases globally, making it one of the deadliest diseases. Thus, it is essential that it should be treated as and when it is diagnosed. Having a surgery is one of the best options to reduce the risk or treat the heart attack. A bypass surgery is one of the best options available in the market right now. Apart from surgery, there are certain prevention steps to reduce the chance. These steps are following a healthy diet, regular exercising, and regular checkups after a certain age.
  • Chest Injuries: Any injury to the left side of the breast can also cause pain. This kind of surgery could be a recent one or an old one recently exposed to specific external threats. An injury caused due to a car accident, falling from someplace, or injuring yourself while playing sports could break or severely damage the ribs. The symptoms are scars, swelling, pain when you breathe. This could be treated with the help of pain killer medications. Mostly such kinds of prescriptions are prescribed by the doctors only. 
  • Gastritis: The human stomach is located on the upper left side of the body. Gastritis is nothing but the presence of gas in the human stomach due to a number of reasons. Due to spicy foods, constipation, infections, the problem of gas arises in the stomach. You might think that this problem will not affect the breast, but it does. Burn around the breast area, heartburn are several symptoms of behind the cause of pain under the left breast. This could be prevented and treated by avoiding smoking, drinking, consumption of spicy foods. Nutrition rich food should be consumed on a regular basis. 
  • Breast Cancer: Breast Cancer is one of the major causes behind the pain under the breast area. It can happen to any side of the breast or, in some rare cases, to both the sides. But the probability of the latter one is relatively less. Some common breast cancer symptoms are change in the breast’s size and shape, breast lumping, inverted nipples, tumors, excessive pain around the nipples, change in skin color, and others. Breast cancer is the second most deadly cancer after lung cancer. If a woman feels pain under the left side of her breasts and if the symptoms are of breast cancer, then she should immediately contact an expert for a checkup. There are several options available to treat breast cancer, such as surgery, medications, hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, etc. 

Apart from this, there are other causes too behind the pain under the left breast such as Costochondritis, Pleurisy, Precordial catch syndrome, Heartburn, Hiatal hernia, etc are some of the other causes behind the pain. It should be noted that if someone has even a shred of doubt in identifying the symptoms, then they should immediately contact their doctors.


It is crystal clear that there are a number of causes behind the pain under the left side of the breast. The symptoms for each of them are different, and so as the treatments and precautionary steps. It doesn’t matter how mild the pain feels, having a checkup on a regular basis is an excellent option to have a proper conclusion. A woman should follow a healthy lifestyle so that the chances of such risks reduces to a minimum. Having regular checkups is also another way to diagnose any such latent disease. 

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