Why do Women or Girls feel Pain Under the Right Breast?

The human body is quite complex in its own way. Every organ has its own role, its own importance and function to perform. When all of these organs coordinate then only the human body works properly. This may seem like a bit exaggerating, but it is true. The human breast is also one of the most important organs in the human body. Women often complain a lot about their breast size and how asymmetrical they look. It is a fact that the breast of women is different in size, and it rarely happens that the both sides of the breast are equal in size. Different women have different shapes, sizes of the breast, and so their problems and issues are also different. Even the two sides of a woman have various issues. Today, we will discuss about the pain under the right breast, the causes, symptoms and how to treat them. 

Pain under right Breast

The factors causing the pain under the right breast are similar to the factors causing pain under the left breast. Heart-related factors such as heart attack and heartburn don’t affect the right side of the breast in most cases. While other factors affecting the left side of the breast similarly affect the right side. Apart from those, there are other factors too which causes pain under the right breast. It should be noted that these factors don’t affect the right breast exclusively, but we will discuss such causes in the context of the right breast for the sake of this article. The two breasts may look similar, but the methods to treat and take care of them could be different. The factors causing pain could be mild and for a short term, moderate, which lasts for a little longer and severe pain which lasts for the longest time and causes the most pain and suffering. Following are some of the major causes of pain under the right side of the breast.

Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments for Pain under Right breast

It is scientifically proven that sleeping disorder affects the dynamics of the breasts. Sleeping disorder means the irregularity in sleeping habits. Many people suffer from this condition where they don’t get enough sleep due to several factors such as hectic schedules, mental stress, trauma, anxiety, high consumption of caffeine, etc. You may think that how can sleeping disorder cause pain to the breast and especially to the right breast. Well, the answer to that question is quite complex. The people who suffer from sleeping disorders often keep changing their body’s side, and for long hours they sleep on towards a particular side. 

According to a research, one out of seven people who suffer from sleeping disorder sleep on the right side of the body, exerting too much pressure on the right side of the body and hence pressure on the right side of the breast. If excess force is given on any side of the breast then that side of the breast will become sore, a bit of swelling will be visible, stretch marks, and tightness in the breast. The treatment for sleeping disorders are many. Medication and therapy are some of the most popular ones. Maintaining a sleeping schedule is also an effective way to reduce the chances or treat the sleeping disorder.

  • Breathing is such a basic and fundamental process continuously happening in the human body that we hardly notice it. Without breathing, we can’t survive. Many times people suffer from issues while breathing, which is known as breathing problems. There are a number of breathing problems which can pose severe problems to the body. Breathing directly impacts the breast. Hence, any issue while breathing will result in causing pain around the breast area. This sort of breathing problem may not sound serious, but they can pose serious threats to an individual’s life. Many times you will feel a sensation or a burn under your right breast while you are breathing. At first, this may seem ordinary, but it is not common. This is not natural, and this requires exceptional help. Breathing problem causes the breast to look sore, blood clotting may happen, resulting in tightness in breast and excessive pressure. One should consult a doctor immediately to treat the breathing problem. 
  • Blood clots are also another major factor behind causing pain under the right breast. Blood clots can give out a number of signs like increasing anxiety in a person, not being able to breathe properly, and a heart beating at a fast pace. There are a number of reasons for this, including smoking, surgeries, pregnancy or a fracture to the hip. Blood clots developing in the chest are pretty serious and can cause severe harm to a person’s life if not treated immediately. To avoid any such circumstances, one should regularly go for check-ups, maintain a proper routine for the day, avoid taking stress. 
  • Wrong bra size too causes the pain under and around the breast area. As we mentioned earlier, it is rarely seen that both the sides of breasts are equal in size. Hence, when a woman purchases a bra, she mostly considers the size of the larger breast. If the right breast is slightly smaller than the left one, then it would be loose slightly, and without proper support, the gravity will pull it down. This may cause stretching of the breast, pain around nipples and heaviness around the breast area. 

Apart from the above-given causes, there are other causes too such as pneumonia, gallstones, kidney stones, hormonal therapy, medications and others. Thus, one must scrutinize the symptoms, and if anything seems inappropriate, then one should immediately consult an expert. 

General tips for prevention and treatment:

  • For each particular cause of breast pain, there is a specific treatment to follow. But other than those, there are several general tips to be followed which can prevent and treat any such situations.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the first step towards preventing any such situation. Following a nutritious diet, regularly exercising and sleeping on a fixed schedule are some of the elements of a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Having regular check-ups is a good option in detecting any problems or issues in the body. Many people think about this as a waste of money and time, but preventive health check-ups are quite beneficial for their health. 
  • Quit smoking, and excessive drinking, avoid eating junk foods and also lower the consumption of caffeine products. If one follows all of these protocols, the chances of having breast pain or any other breast-related diseases reduces by a significant extent.
  • Maintain the proper weight of your body. Under-weight and overweight are both harmful; hence corrective steps should be taken so as to maintain an appropriate weight of the body. BMI is a great tool to measure this.


It is up to us whether we try to implement specific necessary and corrective steps in our lives for our well-being or not. Nobody else can force us to do it. If we will keep our body healthy, then it will keep us safe, and alive. All throughout our lives, you will face many issues and problems, but if necessary steps are taken on time, then we can indeed tackle them before it’s too late.

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  • Isabella
    Posted November 29, 2021 at 2:42 pm 0Likes

    I have sometime Pain under Right Breast and you know it increase my anxiety like what is going to happen next is it heart attack or something else

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