8 Ways to Boost Milk Supply Remedies & Methods

8 Ways to Boost Milk Supply Remedies & Methods

How to Increase Breast Milk Best Ways to Increase It!

When a woman is pregnant, her main concern is to keep herself and her baby to be born as healthy as possible. Post-delivery this concern shifts to keep the baby healthy and to maintain his/her proper growth. Breast Milk is the only food source for a baby for the first few months after his/her birth. Until a child is not 6 months old, nothing else is given to them other than breast milk. You, as a mother, may worry times about the sufficiency of the milk in your breast. You are not alone; almost 3 out of 4 women in the world feel the same way. The main reason behind this is not the lack of knowledge or awareness, but instead, it is the overthinking which creates panic among the women. But you do not have to worry a lot about this. In most cases, a woman’s breast can sufficiently provide breast milk for the time being. If you are still worrying or thinking about the scenarios where you run out of breast milk, then do not worry, here we will explain it to you in detail the ways to increase breast milk, how to increase it and the food to be consumed to do so. 

Ways to Increase Breast Milk

The reason behind the need for excess breast milk

There are several factors which can lead you to produce excess breast milk. These could be a variety of reasons. Below are some of the common reasons. 

  • One of the most common reasons is the increased consumption of milk by the child. If your child consumption rate increases, then it will force you to produce excess breast milk.
  • Breast Pumping is also another reason due to which you may need to produce excess milk. If you are a working woman, then you have to remain away from your child for hours. For these reasons, you may need to keep a stock of milk at home so that the child gets milk continuously. This may be another reason which will lead to a need for excess breast milk.

Apart from these, a woman may not be satisfied with the current level of milk she produces, and she may feel the need for excess production. There are several ways to increase breast milk; the following are some of them.

8 Best Ways to Increase Breast Milk Remedies & Tips

  • Breastfeed more: This concept is quite theoretical but widely applicable. The more your child consumes, the more your breast will produce. This is not a random assumption, but it is scientifically true to an extent. When you are breastfeeding your child, your breast produces more milk. Breastfeeding your child 8-10 times a day can lead to an increase in breast milk.
  • Breastfeed from both sides: You might think that how come breastfeeding your child from the breast will increase your milk. Well, surprisingly breastfeeding your child from the breast does help you to increase the milk production. When you switch your breast between breastfeeding the body produces more milk resulting in an increase in the breast milk.
  • Sleep Properly: A newborn’s mother can hardly rest for a while; sleeping is not even in the scope. But sleeping properly is the key to keep a person’s body healthy. When you sleep properly, it keeps your body healthy and gives you the required energy to produce milk when your child is awake. It would be best if you had all the power you can to create milk and keep yourself going on those long nights ahead. 
  • Quit Smoking: Smoking not only causes cancer, but it also creates various other threats. Smoking not only reduces the milk supply, but it also makes the milk toxic. Many infants die because of such contaminated milk, thus avoiding smoking is a significant step towards increasing your breast supply.
  • Use Breast Pump: Using a breast pump is a great way to increase breast milk. Breast pumps can be used after breastfeeding or in-between breastfeeding sessions. The more you empty your breast, the more milk it will produce. 
  • Drink plenty of fluids: Remaining hydrated is a key to keeping your body healthy. Water, juice are some ways to remain hydrated. You should drink at least 12-15 cups of water in a day so that your body can provide the excess breast milk. 
  • Lactation cookies: Lactation cookies are an excellent way to increase breast milk production. These cookies are readily available in the stores or on online sites. Different variants of such cookies are available. Cookies made up of certain specific ingredients may promote lactation. These ingredients could be wheat oats, brewer’s yeast, flaxseed meal etc. 
  • Healthy Diet: Having healthy food choices is a rule you should follow not only while you are breastfeeding your child but also throughout your life. If you are eating healthy, then your body will indeed produce excess milk as well the richer quality of milk. That will boost the growth of your child. Healthy eating habits include eating nutritious food for breast health, avoiding junk food and eating regularly as well as an increase in food consumption to cover for the energy used while feeding your child. 

Food options to increase breast milk

As we discussed above, maintaining healthy eating habits is a good way to increase the supply of breast milk. But many women get confused about what kind of food choices she should follow. There are several food options available to increase the quantity of breast milk. 

  • Eating green vegetables is a good source of nutrients. Consuming these vegetables regularly boosts the body’s internal immune mechanism and increases the hormonal activity.
  • Eating garlic, ginger, fenugreek also helps in increasing the breast milk.
  • Eat nutritious, rich food such as vegetables, fruits, cereals. Your food should cover all the different nutrients your body needs. These nutrients are minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, irons etc.
  • Consume egg, milk, juices regularly.
  • Avoid consumption of caffeine products such as coffee, coke. Also, avoid consumption of alcohol and soft drinks for a while.
  • Eat dry fruits on a regular basis. Eating cashews, almonds can increase the metabolism in the body and can lead to an increase in the production of breast milk.

A woman needs an excess of 400-500 calories to cover the energy wasted behind breastfeeding. Thus proper quantities of food should be taken to meet these criteria.


If a mother is healthy, then her child will be healthy. It is great to worry about your child’s health all day long, but you should also focus on your health too. Today use of supplements is also widely used to increase breast milk. Though, before using such supplements, you should consult a doctor to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of the same. You can also consult a dietician or nutritionist to prepare a diet chart for you to follow, if you are unable to figure it out on your own. Motherhood is undoubtedly a considerable responsibility, but if you plan everything properly, follow proper methods and believe in yourself, then you can surely nail it efficiently.


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  2. My baby need more milk and I was not able to fulfil her needs I was depressed how should I increase milk supply Thanks for the good article.

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